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Zoom Seminar on 10.Dec 2023- PUT THE PUZZLE TOGETHER "The Essence of VingTsun KungFu: A comprehensive insight into the system and principles"


In this online seminar, immediately implementable connections from Siu nim Tao to double knives are presented.

• No matter which “Wing Chun” style you train. There are 3 important factors that must be taken into account in every training session

• Why Ving Tsun (Yip Man spelling) is a holistic system and the authentic weapon training is an important part of the puzzle. Practical connections between bare hands and weapons will be shown!

• How relaxed power development works in a physically proven way and why is this the key to your explosiveness. The connections between freedom of action and distance management are also explained here

• How Structure & Balance 敗形 is learned in the Siu Nim Tao and implemented up to the weapon training. How a common thread runs through the entire system

..and much more




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